Jewish Voice for Peace – Triangle NC was created in 2013 in the Raleigh-Durham- Chapel Hill region of North Carolina.

At Jewish Voice for Peace, we provide a powerful voice for the countless Jews who believe that a lasting peace in the Middle East can only come through justice and equality for both Palestinians and Israelis. We believe that building the movement for justice, and directly challenging both Israel’s occupation and the American institutions that support it, will provide the tipping point necessary for changing US foreign policy. JVP is the largest national Jewish peace organization that

• Promotes a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on universal human rights that applies equally to Palestinians and Israelis.

• Gets into the street and mobilizes to raise a Jewish voice of justice in support of fair policies in the Middle East.

• Fights efforts to silence debate about US-Israeli/Palestinian policy.

• Defends the rights of others to promote nonviolent methods — including boycotts, divestment or sanctions — to hold Israel accountable to international human rights law.

JVP is the only Jewish group that

• Initiated a world-wide media and letter-writing campaign to free imprisoned 12th grade Israeli conscientious objectors, the Shministim.

• Led a successful global campaign to defend Archbishop Tutu’s right to speak, additionally clearing him of false charges in the Jewish press of comparing Israel to Hitler.

• Stood by the Presbyterian church when they investigated divesting from companies that profit from the occupation.

• Brought the topic of Israel’s occupation into a US corporate boardroom for the first time with a Caterpillar shareholder resolution filed in partnership with Catholic

• Denounced the Islamophobia of Obsession, a hate-video made by an Israel advocacy group that was distributed to every pastor and rabbi in the U.S.

Who does the work?

Our professional staff supports 100,000 internet activists and chapters across
the country. JVP activists include artists, community organizers, tradespeople,
lawyers, Jewish educators, rabbis, writers, doctors, students, professors, retirees and more – each volunteering hundreds of hours to bring their unique gifts to the
movement for justice. Our advisory board includes some of the world’s best
known thinkers and artists like Adrienne Rich, Howard Zinn, Tony Kushner, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Wallace Shawn, Goapele, Ronnie Gilbert, Daniel Boyarin, Michael Ratner and others.


There are many ways you can get involved. Go to our website at http://www.JVP.org to find out how you can join a chapter, make a donation, or take action on a campaign.

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